whole heartedly that I was created to create. I believe that love and art can change the world.

First things first,  THANK YOU! I'm completely overjoyed that you are here! Thank you for taking the time to check out this page, and for keeping up with my little piece and part of changing this world with both the love I have to give and the art I can create! 

I am currently 21 years old, in my fourth year (where does the time go??) at Florida State University. I'm a Jersey girl who is in love with the Florida Sunshine. I have had a camera with me, pretty much all the time, since I was 5. I started professionally photographing and filming events in 2014! When I'm not with my camera, I'm singing, painting, or playing with makeup! 

I knew as a young girl that I would spend my whole life trying to create my own little piece of magic. Now as an adult I wish to share that magic with the rest of the world. 

A picture says a thousand words, and a film says a million, whether you're here in hopes of having me tell one of your stories, or here to watch me tell my own,

WELCOME & I hope you enjoy <3.